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January 27, 2016 New web site coming soon! - an online resource guide to adoption in Canada. Created, designed and mantained by Synergized Solutions.

design process
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There are four steps to establishing your company on the web and realizing your market potential.

  1. Consultation: It's free with no obligation!
  2. Development: Your concepts are blended with our skills
  3. Approval: You provide final changes to content and layout
  4. Implementation & testing: We get you active.

This is free with no obligation. During your consultation, we'll discuss your site's needs and objectives and propose a number of options we can pursue. A successful web site is the product of a partnership between the company and the web designer. Your success is our success and we want our clients to be more than just satisfied with their web site. Our collaboration will ensure the creation of a high-end product that fits your budget and your vision.

We will develop a mock-up of your web site based upon what we have agreed upon during our consultation with you. Your web site's mock-up will be in the format of a large graphic. The mock-up will consist of all of the components including your company's logo, a navigation system to other pages in your web site, photographs, written material and any other content discussed during your consult.

Your web site, in the form of a large graphic, will be fowarded to you via e-mail or uploaded to an area on our company site for you to review. This will give you an opportunity to see what your web site will look like and a chance for you to request changes in colour, graphics etc. Based upon your additional suggestions, we'll then produce a final copy for your approval.

After you approve your web site's mock-up, we will begin programming your web site and filling in the content for each section. Your site will then be uploaded to your web host's server. This will be your opportunity to thoroghly review your web site and to make minor changes and corrections to the site's content.* Once you have reviewed your web site, you may wish to employ our services for web site promotion and marketing.

* No changes to the site's design can be made at this time without added costs.