Picks' Tribute to the Simpsons

Recommended Simpsons Links

  There are literally thousands of Simpsons web sites to visit on the 'net. I've listed a few of the better sites out there in this section and will continued to add more as I find them. If you have a Simpsons site, feel free to email me the link and I'll check it out.  


The Simpsons Archive - 'The' source online for all things about the Simpsons. There is so much information at this site, you'll spend hours clicking through episode capsules, lists, guides, character files and more. A must see and bookmark for any true Simpsons fan.


The Simpsons Archive
  Last Exit to Springfield - Created by Aussie, Adam Wolf, LETS has been around for years and is a dynamite web site with tons of content and multimedia downloads for everyone to enjoy. The design is fantastic!


Last Exit to Springfield
  The Simpsons Folder - A brilliant web site dedicated to the Simpsons with lots of content, interactive features and an incredible design.

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Simpsons Folder
  The Simpsons Channel - A beautifully designed web site that is devoted to news about everything Simpsons.

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The Simpsons Channel

Here are some other Simpsons sites I've just recently discovered that are really well done!

Simpson Crazy - A site with tons of content including show information, multimedia and fun and games.

Springfield Connection - A site with a colourful design and tons of content in both information and multimedia form.
The Simpsons Gallery - Another site with tons of content. The owner has posted tons of framegrabs, images, skins and information about the show.
Bart Simpson Dedication - A web site all about Bart Simpson only!
The Cutest Baby - A web site devoted entirely to Maggie Simpson.
The Milhouse File - A comprehensive web site about Milhouse Van Houten.
Lisa the Beauty Queen - Another character site but this one's all about Lisa!
The Simpsons-O-Rama - Another fan site with lots of interesting content.