Picks' Tribute to the Simpsons

Simpsons Trivia and Board Games

Personalized Simpsons Calendars

There has been quite a few new games with Simpsons themes released in the last few years. The trivia games have proven especially popular as well as Simpsons Monopoly.


The Simpsons Monopoly game is awesome - the board is beautiful and features almost all of Springfield on it! It's without a doubt my favourite board game!

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The classic "Clue" game but Simpsonized. The board is beautiful and the graphics are outstanding.

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The Simpsons Scene it? Available on August 1st, 2009! This looks like it's going to be awesome.

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The Ultimate Simpsons Trivia Game has over 2,000 questions about OFF.

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My husband, Dave, bought "The Simpsons Chess Set" for me for Christmas a few years ago. The chess pieces are in the shape of the main Simpsons family. A super game. You can buy it at Amazon

Simpsons Chess Game

My mom found this awesome chocolate quiz game a couple of years ago at Christmas. It's basically a trivia game with questions on each chocolate piece.