Picks' Tribute to the Simpsons

Personalized Simpsons Calendars

This section features the rest of the items in my Simpsons collection that don't fit into the other categories. Eventually, I will take photos of everything I own with a Simpsons theme.

Simpsons Franklin Mint Statue This Franklin Mint statue of the Simpsons is another of my most favourite items in my collection. I bought this from the Franklin Mint a year or two ago. The statue is of the entire family (see right) and is enclosed in a glass dome. The detail of the statue is amazing!

The last I heard you could only buy this in the U.S.A. from Franklin Mint. I think the statue is a limited edition as well.
Simpsons Burger King Dolls
I purchased these Simpsons dolls from Ebay's auction web site a few years ago. They were distributed at Burger King a few years ago. I managed to buy the entire set featuring all the main characters! The dolls all have plastic heads and cloth bodies!

You can buy these dolls on Ebay. I've also seen some of these dolls in comic book stores and garage sales.

This is one of my favourite dolls from the Simpsons. Krusty the Clown released several years ago has a good/evil switch and says about 8 different phrases.

Playmates did a fabulous job recreating this doll which was in a Simpsons episode.

You can buy this doll at Amazon: Simpsons Evil Krusty The Clown Doll
Check out this Bart Simpson telephone! It's in mint and working condition! Bart's eyes light up when the phone rings and it has both pulse & tone dialing.

Talk about cool, eh? I'm not sure who makes this phone, but I've seen quite a few people auction them off at Ebay.

Trading Cards Simpsons cards are pretty easy to find at comic book stores. I found the Simpsons Topps cards (complete set) a few months ago and I bought the newer, Skybox (pictured left) set about a year ago.

These are a few of the Simpsons pogs that were released in the early '90s. I found the entire set of pogs at my local comic book store.

A Simpsons Cookie Jar?! You bet. I got this for my birthday this year ... the cookie jar was made by Treasure Craft and it's made of china. I found this nifty little Simpsons check book while surfing the auctions at Ebay.

It's made of plastic and features the main characters of the Simpsons.