Picks' Tribute to the Simpsons

Personalized Simpsons Calendars

So many collectibles! It's a miracle Simpsons fans don't go broke with all the merchandise FOX has been releasing over the last 20 years. In this section you'll find wall calendars, Christmas ornaments and more that I've been collecting.

CARLTON CARDS COLLECTIBLE SIMPSONS ORNAMENTS: The FOX Network and Carlton Cards began releasing these ornaments several years ago. Each year a new ornament is released! Our Christmas tree has tons of Simpsons ornaments all over it.

Amazon.com carries quite a few different Simpsons ornaments. Find Simpsons Christmas Ornaments here!

There are tons of Simpsons Christmas ornaments and decorations now! I found these mini Simpsons ornaments back in December 2008 on sale after Christmas.


Franklin Mint produced six different Simpsons plates a while back. So far, I've managed to collect three of the six plates. From Left to Right: Plate 1: Family for the '90s, Plate 2: Electro Shock Therapy and Plate 3: Caroling with the Simpsons. These plates are pretty hard to find but you might be able to find the odd one on Ebay or through Amazon.com

Now that Simpsons merchandise can be found pretty much everywhere, you'll have no trouble finding merchandise to hang on your walls or decorate your home. Check out the Simpsons posters section here for my collection.

My husband, Dave, gave this mirror to me for my 21st birthday. This mirror is as old as the hills and impossible to find these days. The mirror says: "Underachiever, And Proud of It Man!
Simpsons Air Fresheners
I found these air fresheners a couple of months ago in a local comic book store. I haven't taken them out of the package but apparently they have a long lasting fragrance and have a self-adhesive base.